Either you love her or leave her

If you don’t love her completely, let her go. If you feel happy when she is not around you and if you are comfortable with others rather than her, let her go.

You are not doing any favor to her by continuing your half-hearted love. She is not supposed to deserve this act from someone whom she loves so dearly.

Don’t think that you are doing any favor to her by not showing the real you. You cannot show her that you are happy with her though you are struggling hard to end up the relationship with her mentally. You are not helping her by loving her out of guilt or obligation. By doing so, you are being utterly selfish and this cannot be her destiny. If she is loyal and loves you truly then she deserves better than this.

If you don’t see any special attraction in her eyes, then let her go. If you don’t feel happy in her success then let her go, if you can’t become morose in her great losses then let her go. You just can’t love her into pieces. You have to accept her in whole –every flawed and imperfect part of her. You can’t choose her in pieces to love, because she is only one who is made out of all the pieces. You have to accept her as a complete package. And if you find even a single part of her unacceptable then it is better to let her go as it is worth for both of you.  No relation can be continued by a one-sided love.

Making her hold on when you greatly aspire to be freed from her is not fair enough. Don’t let her string along in a relationship when the bond between both of you is not strong enough. Don’t be afraid of her heartbreak, and don’t stay with her out of pity. This only highlights your selfishness, as you are also stopping her from finding a true partner who will really love her whole-heartedly. Someone who will be there to give his shoulder to cry when she really needs, someone who will stand by her in her toughest situation, and someone who will love every part of her.  Let her get the love on her part which she deserves. Don’t carry on your relation to the realm of lies as truth is the building block of every relation. Love is something which gets matured if you nurture it with faith, passion, and adjustment; otherwise it is just a waste of time. So, don’t let your love to be a just a waste of time after some days.

Relationships are not like sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes they travel through many hardships and discomforts. Both the partners have to work constantly to make it better. If you cannot accept the hard part of your partner then let her go. After all, it is possible for someone to be always perfect you have to accept the imperfection of your beloved to make her perfect. If you can’t do so, it is better to end up there and not to continue it furthermore. You don’t have to stay with her out of guilt that you don’t want to dishearten her.

If she can’t prove herself to be your absolute soul mate in your good and bad times they do n’t continue your relationship further. Maybe, you don’t find her to be that best friend with whom you can share all your and good and bad news, or maybe you don’t find it important to take care of her when she is physically ill, let her go.

You might think that if you leave her she will be all alone, but it is better to live alone rather than by living with someone who makes you feel alone. And by not letting her free you are doing the same injustice to her. You are depriving her of the true love which she deserves.

It is not necessary to stay with her when you feel that the presence of someone else might change your life. When you are seeking an alternate option beside her then it is the actual time to say goodbye to one another.

Let her go if you cannot give her the actual place she deserves because someone else might be perfect for her who can give her the actual love and respect she is entitled to get. After all, she is also a human being who must get the equal love she is giving to her partner.