Do We Plan Our Lives Before We Are Born?

The hypothesis that people might plan their lives before they are born is something that appeared recently and there are more and more people who believe in it. The first time I heard about it was in 2011 and I needed more than three years to accept that concept. I found out about this concept on the internet, while I was searching for more information about reincarnation and afterlife. Long after I’ve read the article about the pre-birth plan, I kept on believing in reincarnation since it was something that fascinated me.

However, one day something very strange happened – I had a vision. That vision was something that persuaded me to change my opinion. Instead of believing in reincarnation, I started believing in this concept of planning. As the time passed by, I did a lot of researches, listened to many people from different countries talking about it. I felt it was something that I had to share with you and discuss about it.

The cycle of reincarnation and the pre-birth plan

“Many people don’t believe in reincarnation because they think that they don’t remember anything about their past. My response is, we really remember many things but we are not aware of it. We don’t remember everything in detail but we have some key hints that define us as persons. It may be hidden in the people we like or dislike, the music we listen to, the types of food we like, the clothes we wear or specific historical periods we identify with. All these things indicate that the persons we are now are the persons who we used to be in the past, in our previous lives”- Carey Williams.

What I have concluded by all the research I’ve made throughout the years is that the cycle of reincarnation is identical in each and every source I studied, and believe me, there were many. It all begins with the Pre-Birth Plan. You meet with the council – very old beings or the wise ones. You meet with them together with your spirit guides. They allow you to choose between several lives, and then you discuss the life that is going to happen to you.

It’s not only the life you choose, but everything that goes with it, including your parents too. Then the planning of your life starts, talking about all the experiences you want to have in the life that comes. After you establish your experiences, you move to the goals you want to achieve and the challenges you want to accept. There is also a theory that says you also make a choice whether or not you would like to clear karma. At the end there are several other things like healing false beliefs.

After we create the plan for our lives, our guides help us create something which is called flow chart. A flow chart is the plan itself but together with our will. Our guides are here for us, to help us achieve our goals and plans. When the plan is ready, we are born and don’t remember anything about the plan and who we really are.

Why We Don’t Remember Anything?

Forgetting included in the cycle. It’s how we really get to know our selves, and live the life we are given in the right way. The actual life is the time when we are supposed to remember everything, the time when we discover our purpose of living, the time when we realize what our pre-birth plan was.

What effects does the Pre-Birth Plan Have On The Laws Of Manifestation and Attraction?

The Pre-Birth Plan is firmly established, like some kind of law, but the free will enables us to have a choice and create the reality we want to live in. However, we don’t possess so much freedom and still there are things that are meant to be. For instance: if you are meant to suffer from some illness or disease, it’s something which is out of control and you will manifest that illness for sure. If you are meant to be in a toxic relationship you will attract that toxic person no matter what. This is considered to be The Law of Attraction or

Manifestation although in my opinion the name is totally inappropriate since you are not aware of this because you made that plan before you were born. In the last few years, I’ve met some people who are surprised since they are familiar with the Laws of Attraction, they know how to manifest positive things and their vibration is on a high level. However, the moment something negative happens to them they immediately lose balance because they knew they were doing everything they could to attract only positive energy and they couldn’t understand how it is possible that they have attracted something negative.

When this happens, I can’t help myself but think that this is the moment when the Pre-Birth Plan is taking over control. There is a lesson you have to learn, establish some kind of balance or you’ve estranged from your Pre-Birth Plan too much and everything in your life starts to fall apart.

Are Previous Lives Connected To This Life?

Occasionally, we need to be healed from things that happened in our past lives. Except that, being curious about what happened in your past lives might be a really bad idea and there are a lot of reasons why that is so.

Knowing about your previous lives can affect you both emotionally and mentally. I was really curious and asked the universe for some answers so she allowed me to remember several of my past incarnations. That’s something that cannot be easily handled. It is so confusing, it’s like feeling the suffering, the pain and the happiness from all those lives is not easy, believe me. Even though I personally find them interesting and look upon them without judgments or regrets. Some people are simply not able to handle all those feelings and emotions that come from our past lives here on Earth.


We get a certain role before we incarnate. Our guides and the council help us choose our roles before we come to the world again. We are also left to choose the role we want to play. In one life we may be someone who is murdered and is other you will choose to be the murderer. The list of choosing roles goes on and one, it’s huge and complicated. Some people just can’t accept this information as true. I can tell you from my experience, I also needed time to process this information but eventually it all makes a perfect sense. I remember one part of Kung Fu Panda that really grabbed my attention and made me think for a long time. Every time when you think about bad versus good remember this scene.

Master Shifu comes to Master Oogway and sys to him that he’s got really bad news. Master Oogway says with a smile, “There is just news. No good or bad.” According to the researches that I’ve made and according to what I’ve realized, negative is just a fantasy or illusion. Both negative and positive are something like construction material. I consider negative to be an evolutionary catalyst. There are many reasons why we come to this world, but the most important reason is soul growth. However, soul growth requires a long period of time in order to be achieved; it is an extremely slow process because it is paradise. The reason why we forget everything is because that’s the only way we can learn things better, it’s the only way all the things can remain engraved deeply in our souls so that we can carry them through all the lives we incarnate.

For example, let’s assume you want to know love. Is there a better way to learn for love than when you become separated from it? All the human beings function in that way. We have to experience something and then lose it so that we can become aware how important that thing was for us. The moment I heard this theory about the role-playing, I was relieved from all the tensions, worries, fears and hatred. This world wouldn’t function without the negative. The negative is something that constitutes the world. Like in every move, we have to have villains. Every single person who has got the role of a villain has a soul beautiful like the paradise. This beautiful soul has to live the human experience which was planned before it comes to this world.

Why Is The Theory Of Pre-Birth Planning So Significant?

We live in a very interesting period of time where so many truths that were once hidden from us are now revealed. I’m not claiming that the theory of Pre-Birth Planning is 100% true, but it’s a new fascinating perspective of human lives in general. On the internet we can find so many stories about the human existence, origin and the purpose why we are here. However, from all those stories and all the researches done for years, this is the story that fascinated me the most and it truly resonates with me. The elaborate research and my spirit guide helped me to remember who I truly am. I was so inspired by it so I had to write an article and share it with you.

In my opinion, while you are here on Earth, one of the most crucial things is to discover what is really happening in our world and what the real reason we are here is. Everyone is free to believe in what makes sense for them and all perspectives should be taken into account. I didn’t write this article to change your beliefs. All I wanted to do with this theory is help others because this theory helped me. I don’t hate the negative of this world. Quite the opposite, I feel thankful for its existence because that’s the only way my soul has gown. Whether this theory is true or lie, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s something positive, something that other people can use in order to help themselves.

Where Can You Find More About This Theory?

I love when I make a research and find a lot of things that interest me about a certain topic. The internet is full of these theories so in just a simple search you can find millions links connected to this topic. There are people who would like to read books and some who want to listen to videos. Just search on the internet and you will find anything from books to videos.

So, enjoy your research and don’t forget to write a though or two about this article. Does this theory resonate with you? Or maybe you believe in some different theory?