THIS Is The Biggest Difference Between A FAKE Empath And A Real One…

Some people call themselves empaths and say that they are over-sensitive. However, most of the people who claim to be empaths are quite the contrary and hide their true personalities behind that term.

Someone has hurt them at some point in their life (like everyone else) and they just want to give a good reason for their weakness by hiding behind this term. It’s like their shelter.

They’ve stopped questioning themselves because they feel deep inside that they are empaths – someone who is there for everyone except themselves and someone who feels too much. At least that’s how they’ve understood it.

First of all I want to make clear that there are real empaths who suffer from psychochemical imbalance and react to the outside world more sensitively than others.

The emotions play a great role in their lives, greater than for other people. That is why their emotional intelligence is a bit higher. Of course, they are not telling every single person they meet that they are empaths, just like a person with an OCD doesn’t start a conversation with “since I am too intelligent and see patterns everywhere I go…”

It’s not so important whether you see patterns that others can’t, if you are too emotional, if you are a vegan or like to meditate. Being a good person is something more than that.

It’s necessary to face your own demons and not to hide away from them. But most of the people do this, they hide and mask and as a result they create a bad world and blame everyone else for that.

Read below how a FAKE Empath experiences the world:


A person who is too sensitive and too caring to the feelings of others, to an extent that might lead to certain problems. You can see these people being sad for days because they have seen some ads about abandoned animals or homeless people. This is their one and only superpower. Remember that one of the most usual signs that your friend is an empath is that they are highly reactive to sweet talk.


Anyone who is able to hurt the feelings of an empath, especially if they are in a romantic relationship. An example of this person would be someone who doesn’t remember important dates, leaves the toilet seat in the wrong position, forgets what they should’ve picked up from the grocery store etc.


Anyone who is able to hurt the feelings of an empath, especially if they want to break up with them. Some of the symptoms are: having different tastes in music, TV or movies from the empath and forgetting to pick something up from the grocery store twice within 24 hours.


Someone who they really care about but they don’t give them enough of their attention and are more concentrated on their own needs. Even a short interaction with them is so emotionally draining because all the empaths devote their whole soul in the relationship, giving everything to the other person. And in return they get abused or the other person is not concerned so much about the relationship.

Caring and Concerned

This is how the empaths express their negative feelings.


This is how the narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths react when they express their nrgative feelings towards the empaths.

Indigo Child

The empath’s child. An advanced soul who isn’t afraid to express their thoughts and beliefs freely and hate when someone tries to discipline them.

Demon Child

The child a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath. May require discipline from time to time. Born as inferior to an Indigo Child in every possible way.


The person you’ve seen on three unforgettable dates.
Twin Flame: That same person after a three-month relationship.
Satan Incarnate: That same person after you’ve lived with them for six months.

This is a letter from a real empath. Read it to find out how he/she perceives the world.

“Just like everyone else, I am a human being too. It doesn’t matter who you are, if I consider you a good person than I will like you. If I notice that you are not, I will not like you. But even I you are a bad person and I don’t like you; I will still respect you, because I believe that everyone deserves respect.

You have the right not to like me, just like I have the right not to like you. I really don’t like to judge you, but sometimes I will. I really feel bad about that.

I am aware of the fact that you are a human being too who faces with his/her own demons. That’s what we all do. Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws. And sometimes we can progress, and those would be great times. Deeply inside our hearts, we all love each other, and that’s the main reason why we care.

We don’t need to save the world. We should just learn how to live together. I can clearly see that that the world is good for every other human being, except us. So there is probably something wrong with our perception of the world, maybe it’s all because of our own demons that try to fool us.

And yeah… it’s true that I am too sensitive and I take everything to heart. That’s how I function, but don’t worry, I can handle it.”