5 Clear Signs A Deceased Loved One is Nearby

People don’t have to be psychic medium to be able to get in touch with deceased loved ones. Actually, every time we long for them or we need them, passed souls will always find a way to come to us. Sometimes they come to communicate an important message or just to reassure us with their presence that everything is going to be all right. We often fail to notice these phenomenal events or we think that they are a product of our imagination due to our process of grief. But if we become a little bit more aware, we may find a comfort in the fact that we are never alone.

You see them in your dreams

If you experienced a vivid dream with your deceased loved one, it means that you had lucid dream or a vision. This is because of the intensity of the dream, since these dreams are so intense that they always wake you up in the middle of the night being flooded with different type of emotions. You may be widely aware of the fact that you are dreaming but you don’t even realize it.

You can feel their touch

Most frequently felt right after a loved one passed away. This sensation of being embraced softly or caressed on the hand or on the back is an obvious sign of comfort from the deceased. Other people might just feel as if there is someone else in the room and that they are not alone.

Unexplainable phenomenon

It is very common for passed spirits to mess around with electrical components in the house. You may notice that the light bulbs burn out more often, or that other devices are not functioning properly.

Appearing or hiding objects

Many people have claimed that they were witnesses of deceased “stealing” things from the house, and later they appeared in the most usual places. You may feel as if you are losing your mind, but don’t worry, all they want to do is get your attention! And obviously you are not listening.

You can feel their smell

One of the strongest of our senses is our smell, and just a single whiff can bring us back in the past.

The most frequent fragrances are the smell of cigarettes although no one is smoking in the room. You can also smell their perfume, or feel some random smell of flowers.

Interesting story:

One afternoon my three-year-old daughter came into the room. In her hand she held a plastic spoon, plastic plate and plastic food from her kitchen set. I asked her who she was making lunch for and she told me that she was preparing lunch for her and for Bill. I thought it was some of her made up stories so I asked her “who’s Bill?”. She looked at me with a serious face “he is sitting on the sofa, right there”. I got goose bumps the moment I realized that Bill was actually our old neighbor, when he passed away 2 years ago when he was 90 years old. At the time of the death she would have been one year old.