Date Someone Who Is Both Home And An Adventure All In One

Go out with someone who makes visible only the absolute best of you, more than just kindness, good manners and inspiration for self-growth. Date someone who makes clear to you what it’s like to start living. Even if anyone else considers it crazy, it’s important that it makes sense to you. Be with someone who makes you come out of your comfort zone, someone who motivates you to fulfill your dreams, goals and passions even if it makes them the only ones who really believe in you. Fall in love with someone who convinces you to travel to your dream place just because you can. The one who goes hand in hand with you through the toughest period in your life and you feel that no matter what, they are always ready to catch you if you fall. The person with whom you can always find home right there in their arms.

Be with someone who turns the small things in life into fun. Someone who makes you dissolve into laughter while just cleaning dishes. Someone with whom you would rather spend a Friday night at home, just lying on the bed and watching movies.

Someone with whom you couldn’t wait for Sundays to come. When opening your eyes in the morning and seeing the person next to you makes you happier than being alive.

Be with someone who is worth risking everything just for having them in your life. Because you’ve realized that you gain so much more in life simply because they are yours. You sacrifice everything just to make the relationship work and they do the same for you without any hesitation.

Be with someone who makes you believe in soul-mates and true love. Someone who makes you understand all those sappy songs you never paid attention to before.

Someone who affects you in a positive way.

You see a before and after when you look yourself in the mirror and that’s just because this person exists in your life.

You feel unexplainably better and considerably happier because of them. They’ve made you believe in something again, even if words fail to explain what it is.

Maybe it’s all about the conversation that may last for hours and days and you still have what to say to each other.

Maybe it’s all about the company you enjoy so much even if you two aren’t doing anything special.

Maybe it’s all about missing them even before they go, because saying goodbye makes you want to say hi in the same second again.

Maybe it’s all about the touch that every inch of your body feels and the warmest hugs reminding you that home is a person, not a place.

And your home is wherever they are.