13 Characteristics Of Over-Thinkers That They Never Talk About

Nothing in this world can bring so much troubles in your life as your own thoughts. They can be inspiring friends or your worst enemies. The truth is we are able to solve at least 90% of the problems if we just calm down and try not to over-think.

The life of a person who has a tendency to over-think is very difficult. They have strange habits programmed in their heads that make problems in their everyday life.

Read the text below to find out what these problems are.

They lack self-confidence

Over-thinkers need way more time to make a decision than any normal person. They analyze, examine and question every single situation before they decide to do something. When it comes to a professional field, they give an impression of an insecure person.

They have very bad sleeping patterns

Over-thinkers simply don’t know what a good night of sleep actually looks like. They feel helpless when sleeping is concerned and don’t know how to solve that problem.

They are interesting to be around

Over-thinkers are very interesting when they are having fun. Although it is not something that we see every day, they are insanely funny when they aren’t thinking. Over-thinkers usually use alcohol to relax a little bit, and that’s the moment when the real party starts.

They can make funny jokes on everything because they’ve already analyzed all the situations deeply. Drunken over-thinkers are the funniest persons to be around.

They long for reassurance

Over-thinkers spend a lot of time on looking for validation. They care a lot about what other people think of them. For them, the opinion of others is crucial for their mood. People have to repeat all the time that they are doing great and that nobody is mad at them.

They are incredible at conversing

Maybe it sounds weird, but over-thinkers are also incredible at conversing. They often have many interests like: art, music, sports and movies, and that’s the reason why you can speak to them about anything you like.

They hate travelling

Over-thinking is also connected to anxiety attacks. An over-thinker is always absent-minded. Their mind is not at the same place with their body. Travelling is like a hurricane of anxiety for them, since almost all the time they get panic attacks over things like the luggage, keys, passports and many other things.

They say ‘sorry’ too often and for nothing

They say ‘sorry’ for all sorts of things, even if they are not the ones to blame. Many mean people take advantage of this and protect themselves by acting as they are to blame even if that’s not true.

They criticize themselves very often

An over-thinker’s mind is similar to a paper filled with red marks. They want to be perfect and they strongly criticize even the smallest mistake that they make.

They focus too much on making other people happy

For some reason, the other people are always their priority. For this reason other people always put them second. For them, other people’s happiness is very important and they are happy if the other people around them are happy.

They are making a mountain out of a molehill

Over-exaggeration is something that they do best. They can turn the smallest thing into a World War 3. The reason why this happens is, of course, because they think too much about everything. They are those types of people who think that it is brain tumor when they actually suffer from a headache. Their thoughts are always chaotic and they believe that their problems are way bigger than they actually are.

They are perfectionists

Everything that they make has to be more than perfect. In fact they spend half of their lives trying to do everything perfect. It seems irritating, especially for the people around them, but they cannot change this – it’s out of their control.

They have problems trusting others

An over-thinker simply cannot trust others. They don’t believe anything until they see, check and analyze it multiple times. This often causes some problems with their relationships.

They can’t stop over-thinking

Over-thinking is not under their control so they can’t just simply turn it off. It’s who they are and they cannot do anything about it.

We hope that all these characteristics helped you to get to know your ‘over-thinker’ friends better and we also hope that you will be more considerate with them in the future.