Cats and Dogs Can See “Spirits” – They Can See Frequencies We Can’t

Majority of the scientists already believe that cats, dogs and other animals are able to see frequencies that people can’t see. But what does this mean? How is this possible? This article will discuss this amazing and surprising capability in more detail. In the past, majority of the scientists supposed that the eyes of mammals have the same abilities as human eyes because it was believed that it was an “evolved species”. However, now they are sure that this claim is not true.

A research, done at University of London, UK by a biologist Pet MD, discovers a lot of new things concerning this incredible phenomenon. In relation to this, Pet MD claims that we often have the feeling that our pets are able to see something we don’t, and we are probably right. As he explains in his study, cats, dogs and some other animals are believed to see in ultraviolet light, which takes them to a whole new world which is totally different from the one we see. Human eyes are just not constituted to be able to see that red to violet light that we call UV light.

Furthermore, human’s lens does not allow UV to reach the retina. Many years ago scientists believed that most of the animals have lenses identical to humans. However, after a research which was done on dead animals such as: dogs, cats, pandas, monkeys, ferrets and hedgehogs, they changed their opinions. By studying the quantity of light that can pass through the lens to get to the retina, they came to a conclusion that some animals which were thought that they aren’t capable of seeing UV, they actually are.

Although it was confirmed by science, a lot of people say that these abilities of the animals to see UV light are connected to some metaphysical aspects. For instance, there have been so many cases in which animals behave in a strange way, like they see something that we are unable to detect, mostly right after someone from the house has died or after some other kind of tragic that happened in your family. Cats are usually seen how they meow in a strange way, run after invisible things, trying to catch something into empty air and to hiss to something we can’t see.

Even if all of these things can be explained in some other way, like for example animals acting in a strange way while they are interacting with UV light, how can you explain this behavior at night or inside the house where there is no UV light found? Additionally, many people have said that they have seen “shadow people”. This is usually true for people who have experienced sleep paralysis. Want to hear something even more mysterious? A lot of people have claimed that they have seen these “shadow people” right after their pets started to behave in a strange way; actually animals have been said to run away in those situations.

It seems like going after your pets is an excellent idea!