Can You Find The Hidden Butterfly?

Nature can be as cruel as it is beautiful. Therefore, some animals and insects have been forced to develop different abilities in order to survive. I my opinion, one of the most awesome ways of solving the problem of survival – is their ability to camouflage. There are different ways of camouflage and they usually depend on three factors: 1) the inborn behavior and philosophy of the animal, 2) the behavior and philosophy of the environment the animal lives in and 3) those of the predators: the way they hunt their food.

Isn’t it fascinating how some animals and insects are able to camouflage themselves? It’s always been a challenge for me to discover the difference between the environment and that perfectly hidden organism that is calmly enjoying its nap.

In this picture we are looking for the brimstone butterfly which is a master of disguise and there is almost no way that you can spot it and you will definitely think that it’s just a part of the plant on which it’s standing.

In the following photo you see an Azalea plant. Somewhere on this plant there is this master of disguise butterfly called brimstone. This is not an easy task, that’s why 90% of the people fail to spot it. Some of the people who cannot see the butterfly think that this picture is some trick that makes them deliberately waste their time. But we can assure you that the butterfly really exists, you just need to be patient and persistent enough to find it. So, all you need to do is click on the video below and watch it carefully. If you are not able to spot it right away, in the video you will see some clues that will help you see it.

Click on the video below, and enjoy this interesting mind boggling optical illusion!

How much time did you need to spot it? Was it difficult for you?