Boy has sign that says, “I am blind, please help.” Then stranger writes a new message on sign

A blind boy sat on the steps in front of a building and put his hat next to his feet. In his hands there was a sign that said: “I am blind, please help.”

Only a few people put some coins in his hat. A man who was walking by, took a few coins from his wallet and put them into the boy’s hat. Then he took the sign from the boy’s hands, turned it around and wrote something. He put the sign on one steps, in front of the boy’s legs, so that everyone could read the new words.

Very soon, more and more people started to put money in the boy’s hat.

Few hours later, the man who wrote something on the sign came back to see how things are going. Recognizing his voice the boy asked, “Are you the man who wrote something on the sign this morning?” getting the positive answer the boy asked again, “What did you write?”

The man answered that he wrote the truth and that he said the same thing that the boy said only in a different way.

This is what he had written: “Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.”

As you can see, by reading the first and the second sign people get exactly the same message: that the boy was blind. But the first sign used simple words just saying that the boy was blind. The second sign reminded people that they are so lucky to be able to see the beautiful day. So, it’s not surprising that the second sign was way more effective than the first.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Always be grateful for what you have. Be original. Be imaginative. Think out of the box. Think positively and differently. Never regret about your past and deal with your present with confidence. Don’t fear the future and never lose your faith.

Is there something more beautiful in life than seeing a person smiling and knowing that you are the only reason for that? Remember that people never forget how you’ve made them feel!

Faith doesn’t always make everything turn out okay; but faith can make you feel okay no matter how things turn out.

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