Everyone would agree that it’s very difficult to give or accept a marriage advice. This is because each and every person is different and there aren’t two identical couples on this world. But, there are a few main rules that can apply to most of the marriages.
In this article you will read 23 lessons on how to live in a successful marriage, given by a father to his son.

The center of attention of these lessons is how to find a person who will not only complete you, but will also support you, motivate you and see through you deeply inside your soul.

Nowadays, we rarely see any functional marriage. That’s why you need to read this article and see how it is still possible for a marriage to function well forever.

See how this father did the lecturing and how he approached his own marriage:

  1. My son, if you continue to spend money on a woman and she never gets concerned whether you are saving or investing but instead continues to enjoy the attention, never marry her.
  2. My son, there are women who are good wives or good mothers but if the woman you’ve found feels like a mother to you, please marry her.
  3. My son, don’t think that the woman’s place is in the kitchen? Who taught you so? Even in the old days, there were farm-lands where they worked all the time… those farm-lands were their offices.
  4. My son, being the head of the house doesn’t mean to see in your pockets all the time, but in the smile of your wife’s face instead.
  5. My son, if you want to live longer, let your wife take responsibility of all the money. She won’t spend them on unnecessary stuff when there are bills to pay, but if it is your responsibility, she won’t stop asking for money even when all the money is spent.
  6. My son, don’t use verbal or physical violence on your woman. The wounds on her body may heal, but those on her heart will remain forever. And believe me; nobody wants to live with a wounded woman.
  7. My son, don’t try to live a bachelor kind of life once you are married because soon you will remain single again.
  8. My son, in the past we used to have more than one woman because we had plenty of large farm lands and numerous harvests, now there is rarely any farming land, so embrace your wife closely.
  9. My son, it was under one beautiful tree where I met your mother. Nowadays, nobody meets under trees but in cafes or restaurants instead. However, remember that all we did under that tree was hugging each other.
  10. My son, when you begin making more money, don’t let them carry you away to those tiny legs that will never know the real you, but always be close to the woman that was there for you all along and knows exactly how hard you worked to become the man are now.
  11. My son, when I was throwing small stones at the window of your mother’s room in order to see her, it was never for $ex, it was because I really missed her very much.
  12. My son, don’t forget that when you assume that your wife has changed, maybe you’ve changed too.
  13. My son, before I bought our car there outside in the yard, your mother didn’t mind riding bicycle with me. If a woman doesn’t support you when you start from the beginning, she should never enjoy together with you when you reach the top.
  14. My son, don’t ever try to compare your wife to any other woman. How would you feel if she compared you to some other man?
  15. My son, if your wife supports that thing that you call feminism, then divide all the responsibilities on two equal parts, and the bills too.
  16. My son, when I married your mother, she was a virgin, but if your woman is not a virgin don’t put the blame on her, I forgot to tell you that our wives had prestige.
  17. My son, the reason I didn’t sent your sisters to school was because I was too stupid and believed the same thing that many other people believed – that a female child won’t extend my family name. Please make sure that you never make the same mistake I did, since when I hear what some women have achieved nowadays, I believe they have turned the male gender into an ordinary tag.
  18. My son, one day your mother became so angry that she tore apart almost all of my clothes; I never even raised my hand to beat her. This was because I knew that one day I will be proud of myself to tell you that I never in my life beat your mother.
  19. My son, in the past, women relied more on their natural beauty, although, I will tell you straight, some of them had small tattoos mostly on their hands, but remember, they never showed any part of their bodies like the women do today.
  20. My son, your mother and I are not concerned about what is going on in your marriage. So try to solve your problems together with your wife and stop always coming to us.
  21. My son, don’t forget that I was the one who bought your mother her first sewing machine, help your wife’s dreams come true just as you are following yours.
  22. My son, never stop taking care of me and your mother, that’s the secret of having children, having someone to look after you when you are too old to do it by yourself.
  23. My son, pray together with your family every day, you don’t know what tomorrow brings, talk to God, he knows everything.