As I began to Love Myself – Charlie Chaplin

When I started to love myself, I discovered that pain and emotional suffering signified that I was living against my own self. Now I know that this is AUTHENTICITY.

When I started to love myself I realized how much it can insult somebody as I do everything to force my desires on this person, although I was aware that the time was not right and the person wasn’t prepared for it, although this person was me. Now I call it RESPECT.

When I started to love myself I stopped desiring a different life, and I was able to see that all the things I was surrounded with were inviting me to grow. Now I call it MATURITY.

When I started to love myself I realized that in any situation, I am in the right place at the right time, and everything comes in the right moment. In this way I could stay calm. Now I call it SELF-CONFIDENCE.

When I started to love myself I gave up steeling my own time, and I stopped planning giant projects for the future. Nowadays, I do things that only make me feel happy and joyful, things I love doing and that make me satisfied, and I do them as I know – as long as my heart wants. Now I call it SIMPLICITY.

When I started to love myself I stopped doing things that may harm my health – food, toxic people, uncomfortable situations, and everything that made me alienated from myself. At the beginning I called this behavior a healthy egoism, now I call it LOVE OF ONESELF.

When I started to love myself, I stopped trying to be right in any situation, and from that point I was right more of the time. Now I realized that this is MODESTY.

When I started to love myself I said ‘no’ to living in the past and be concerned about the future. Today I only live in the present moment, where all the things are happening. Now I live each and every day, and I call it FULFILLMENT.

When I started to love myself I realized that my mind is able to upset me and make me sick. But the moment I started listening to my heart, my mind turned into a dear ally. Now I call this WISDOM OF THE HEART.

We all need to stop being afraid of arguments, conflicts or any kind of problems with others or even ourselves. Even stars have collision, and after their crash new worlds are born. Now I call this LIFE.

When a person loves himself they are able to heal and become better. When I read this poem, it inspired me so much and I felt an incredible desire to share this amazing piece of art with all the people around the world. With these powerful and truthful words filled with intense emotions, Charlie Chaplin invites the reader to look deep inside their hearts and souls and ask themselves “Do I truly love who I am and who I’ve become?” I want you to read carefully these powerful words and try to engrave them deeply in your soul and begin to truly love yourself. Be aware of what is happening around you and of the way you relate to it. How have your delusions, thoughts, self-respect, and limiting beliefs all stood on the way to live a happy life? Charlie Chaplin has chosen the right words to vividly describe our journey of self-exploration and acceptance. By being self-aware and by opening his heart to self-acceptance, Charlie explains what it really means to truly experience life in all its glory.

Be your unique and magnificent self every single day. Value all those amazing parts of you that make you special and one of a kind. Enjoy every day regardless of the tests and challenges you are supposed to face. We can say that we’ve made a certain progress when we realize that everything that happens to us throughout our life is all part of a greater plan made by the Universe. If we believe in our purpose in this world and in our own abilities, then there is nothing in this world that we cannot overcome. Let the wisdom of your own heart shine bright! Follow that brightness and let it guide you throughout life.

Love your true self and keep moving forward!