Anxiety Disorders Could Be Caused By Being Exposed To Narcissistic Abuse

There are many people who believe that all the people are good. These people are very sensitive and can be an easy target for narcissistic abuse.

Being exposed to any kind of mental or emotional abuse can have a highly negative effect on your health. It will also affect the way you see yourself, especially your self-worth and self-confidence. When people constantly tell you that you are the problem, and that your ways of responding to their abuse, which are completely normal and rational, are said to contribute to the problem, what do you expect to happen? Your rational mind is confused, you feel afraid and the body starts to react in a different way, all these leading to anxiety disorder.

When you are surrounded by these types of people, the best thing you can do is leave. But what if this behavior comes from a parent or other close family member and the only way of escaping is from their own home. Those individuals can develop some disorders as children or as teenagers, and may continue experiencing the impact even as adults.

The Mayo Clinic has made a list of 10 types of anxiety disorders and has described the most common conditions as it follows:

  1. Agoraphobia is one type of anxiety disorder that makes you be afraid of and usually avoid situations or places that make you panic or feel trapped, weak or embarrassed.
  2. Anxiety disorder as a result of a medical condition – experiencing intense anxiety symptoms or panic attacks that are directly provoked by a physical health problem
  3. Generalized anxiety disorder – excessive and persistent worry or anxiety about daily activities – even every day, routine problems. The worry is totally groundless but it’s almost impossible to control and has an effect on the physical condition of the person. It usually appears together with depression or other anxiety disorders.
  4. Panic disorder – are characterized by constant repetition of intense anxiety, sudden fear or terror that can escalate within minutes (panic attacks). People usually have feelings of impending doom, have shortness of breath, feel chest pain or rapid pounding heart (heart palpitations). These panic attacks can make the person feel worried that they can happen again or they may start avoiding the situations in which they’ve occurred.
  5. Selective Mutism – is characterized by persistent failure of children to speak in particular situations, like at school, even if they are able to speak in other situations, like for example at home or with their close friends. This can negatively affect their success at school or later in their lives at work.
  6. Separation anxiety disorder – is a disorder that appears in childhood. It includes anxiety that’s excessive and affects the developmental level of the child and appears when the child is separated from one of the parents other persons who have parental roles.
  7. Social anxiety disorder – is characterized by excessive levels of anxiety, constant fear and avoidance of any social situation as a result of the feeling of embarrassment and worry about being viewed negatively of judged by other people.
  8. Specific phobias – include excessive anxiety when a person is brought into contact with a specific object or situation and does everything to avoid it. In some people phobias may provoke panic attacks.
  9. Substance-Induced anxiety disorder – includes intense panic or anxiety that are directly caused by taking drugs, medications, being exposed to some toxic substances or sometimes it can be caused by withdrawal from drugs.
  10. Other specified or unspecified anxiety disorders – denote anxiety or phobia that doesn’t fall into any exact criteria but also cause a lot of unpleasant feelings of panic or anxiety.

All those toxic narcissistic people who tend to abuse others pretend to be the victims. Sometimes they even try to make you seem to be the abuser.

People who are surrounded by these toxic narcissistic people usually feel that there is something wrong with their claims, but still if they are not properly educated, they will be stuck in that never-ending poisonous whirlwind.

But why is that so? Because narcissists choose people who behave like actual human beings; people who have feelings and hearts. Just because all these sensible people tend to be the victims of narcissistic abuse, they are also the ones who are more likely to suffer from physical or mental health problems. This is especially true if the abuse starts from the childhood. Then the victim gets permanent changes in the brain which leads to permanent changes in the behavior later in their life – developing psychophysical disorders.

Each type of anxiety disorder is unpleasant to live with and can ruin your whole life. The feeling worsens when the people around you don’t understand how you feel, simply because they don’t have them.

Sometimes all these feelings cannot be understood even by the people who have them. This is why this article is so important.

So let’s share this article and help all those people who suffer from any type of anxiety disorder or who are victims of narcissistic abuse. Let’s tell them that there is still a hope and that they can take their life back!