Alone Isn’t Lonely: 10 Signs You’re Perfectly Happy With Solitude

According to social tradition experts every human being has to raise a family at certain point of their life. But, among millions who would accept this tradition of finding the right partner and having children, there will be many who would do the contrary. There are people who prefer living alone.
They want to devote their time to themselves and live freely and independently. They plan to enjoy their lives alone. They should not be seen as loners either. Nobody should be ashamed of doing what makes them happy, including living your life alone.

If you are one of those people, then you will definitely agree with the following 10 points.

You absolutely love your free weekends!

This is how you imagine your perfect weekend: staying at home, watching your favorite TV series and eating popcorns. Going to a party, drinking alcohol and socializing are not the things you would like to do.

You prefer going to the cinema alone.

You act according to your personal priorities and you do what you enjoy the most. So, going to the cinema alone is one of those things.

You don’t care what people think and you go to eat all by yourself.

You hate those forced conversations and splitting bills at the end of the dinner. You also hate to adapt to someone’s preferences of food. So, you forget the table mannerisms and eat by yourself.

You don’t mind drinking on your own too.

You don’t agree with the saying that a person who drinks alone is actually sad. Sitting alone and drinking beer or your favorite wine and having the time to yourself can actually make you very happy.

Traveling the world alone.

You believe that travelling alone is actually the best way to explore yourself and meet new friends. The adventure that makes you come out of your comfort zone makes you feel so excited!

Sharing beds is something you really hate.

You just want the entire blanket only for yourself. You also don’t like to be a victim of someone’s smelly breath in the morning.

You enjoy driving alone.

Choosing your favorite music and having a peaceful drive is your favorite free time activity.

Your hands are not glued to your phone.

You don’t need to feel important in your social life when it comes to using your phone or being active on the social networks. You even forget to reply to some messages for days.

You can disappear for a while

You hate telling everyone where you go and what you do. You can go somewhere and not return for days, but your close friends and family know that you are fine and that you totally enjoy your time alone.

You hate people who are clingy.

You actually hate parasitical behavior and you are afraid that you will find a partner you cannot easily break off with. Also, you avoid people who tend to be attached to you.