If You’re A Woman With A Big Heart, Never Apologize for Loving Intensely

You’re the big-hearted woman who loves deeply and intensely and you deserve nothing less than what your heart desires. You deserve to receive the same loyalty and commitment that your heart gives. Your heart is worth infinite honest love because you offer the kind of love that is pure and unconditional.

You deserve the forever kind of love that’s honest and intense.

You’re worthy of someone who’s going to welcome and appreciate your big heart and every part of you. You need a person who’s not afraid to love, someone who won’t take you for granted and won’t disappoint you or break your heart.

You might have had your heart broken way too many times.

You’re tired of being the big-hearted girl who keeps giving second chances or keeps waiting for the wrong guy to change.

You might have missed the mark by giving your heart to the wrong guy but you don’t regret loving with all your heart. Deep down you know it’s their loss.

You know that a guy should not dictate your happiness or change who you are.

You know it’s not your fault they’re not ready to receive love and give you the commitment that you deserve.

The truth is, as a big-hearted girl, you can be gentle, loving and forgiving but you’re also strong and confident of your values.

You’re not afraid to keep fighting for the love that you know in your heart is out there for you to find. You embrace your ability to love deeply and don’t allow anyone to make you feel that having a big heart makes you weak.

You’re a badass with a big heart.

You know that you’re capable of writing your own love story one chapter at a time, even if some of that chapters are filled with heartaches and disappointments. You believe that experiencing heartache is all part of the journey of finding true love. At the end of the day, you know that it can help you grow and learn to love yourself even more for when the one crosses your path.

You believe in love and nothing or anyone in this world can make you give up on it.

You love to love and you blindly believe that your ability to love will guide you to the one that’s destined for you. Someone who will be completely loyal to you and will make you miss a heartbeat every time you see him.

You know with all your heart that the one for you is also looking you because he has a big heart like yours.

You’re convinced that he knows you’re worth the wait and that he’s doing everything in his power to make his heart find yours.

You know that loving hard is your best quality and you will continue to embrace your ability to love with pride.

You believe that one day soon true love will find you in the most beautiful way and your heart will be completely ready to receive it.

“For those who feel that being nice, and saying Hello, smiling, leaving special messages for people got you no where but rejection and hurt. Do not let that change the person that you are. If you are a kind, thoughtful person who does nice things, don’t stop just because these people didn’t appreciate the goodness inside you. It’s their reaction or lack of response that is the problem, not you! Don’t change you. They need to change, they need to work on themselves. Keep being the wonderful kind you.”  ― Brigitte Nicole