9 Times When Leaving The Person You Love Is The Right Thing To Do

We get committed to the person we love with a single hope to live a peaceful life. As adults we are searching for stability and peace by avoiding the drama. However, there are some adults who can’t understand the other people’s need for stability and peace. There are a lot of cases where instead of peace and stability, your loved one is giving you only troubles and nervous breakdowns.

For that reason, we decided to give you back your peace and offer you 9 signs that clearly show it’s time to break up with the person you love so much.

They never want to talk about future plans:

Your partner might say that he loves you, but he doesn’t want to talk about the future plans with you. They try to avoid the topic whenever you mention it. This means only one thing: they don’t want to have a future with you. So, it’s better to leave and don’t waste your time with them anymore.

They are totally irresponsible

A happy and successful relationship requires two responsible people. If you notice that your partner is totally irresponsible, you need to move on with your life, because you simply can’t be responsible for them too.

They are abusive

It doesn’t matter how much you love a person; you can’t let them be abusive with you. If they are abusive, it means that they don’t love you. Any type of abuse is totally unacceptable, no matter what. If they are abusive to other people, it means that sooner or later they will become abusive with you too and you can’t do anything to change them. So you need to leave immediately!

They are violent

Nobody expresses love with violence. If your partner is violent, you can feel free to forgive them, but you should never in your wildest dreams allow them to treat you like that.

Your opinion doesn’t matter

In a relationship, both partners should be equal. If your partner doesn’t take your opinion into consideration now, it means that your thoughts, dreams and wishes will be neglected your whole life. Will you be able to survive in such a toxic relationship?

They cheat on you

If your partner has cheated on you once, then there are high chances that they will cheat again, it’s just a question of time when it will happen again. So now you know what you need to do!

There are more painful than happy moments with them

Just take a moment and try to think of the time you spent together with your partner. If you remember more painful moments than happy times, it means that your partner is hurting you too often and that you are not happy in that relationship. Leave him/her immediately and find someone that will treat you in the way you deserve to be treated!

They never compromise with you

You are the one who always needs to adjust in the relationship. Compromise is one of the most important things in the relationship and if they don’t compromise it means that they are not giving the same effort as you for the relationship to succeed. This happens only when they don’t love you the way you love them. It’s time to start packing your begs!

You still haven’t met their family and friends

They keep telling you that you hold a special place in their hearts, but they still haven’t introduced you to their peers. This means that they don’t want to show you to their close friends and family and that they are not planning on having a long term relationship with you. It’s time to leave them now, before they do.