8 Ways To Recognize A Fake Nice Person

Have you ever met a person who is nice all the time, without any particular reason, but says some bad things about all the people behind their back when they are not around? Have you ever had a very close friend who seemed very nice but hurt you at the end? Be careful with the FRENEMIES.

No one wants to hang out with fakers. We all want honest, genuine and straight-forward people in our lives. Most of the people have taken advantage of a certain situation once or twice in their lives. But for this people it’s in their blood to do so!

Sometimes they are not totally responsible for their behavior. The society in this century has produced selfish people who care only for money and for their own wellbeing. As a result of globalization and technology, we’ve all messed up our core values and thanks to the social media now we are not even able to make a difference between fake and real.

If you feel that the people around you are exactly the same as we described them above, read about these 8 ways you can recognize a fake nice person:

They are nice to everyone

If they are friends with all the people they know, it means that they are no one’s friend. Even if you are the nicest person in the world, you still can’t get along with everyone. All the people are different, with different personalities, different problems and different lives. So it’s impossible for someone to be compatible with everyone. Only fake people have this incredible ability because they present themselves as different persons according to the other people’s needs. They do this only for their personal benefit. They value the people who have power and they are careful with their choice of the people who are going to give their respect and attention to. Their choice is based on whether they can take advantage of that person or not.

They are competitive

They see everything as a competition. It doesn’t matter whether it is a usual exam or a lifestyle. They strongly believe that they are better than you and they will always make sure that they are the superior one.

They never keep their promises.

At some point of your life, you’ve probably had some friend who promised that they will be always there for you, no matter what, but the first moment things didn’t go as planned they gave up on you and left you, never to be seen again. They’ve always said what you wanted to hear, and then they used this to get something in return. They play the game of manipulation and twist their words so that they can get what they want.

They gossip all the time

You’ve probably heard the saying: “Intelligent people talk only about new ideas, average people talk about things and small people talk about other people.” Be careful with these people, because if they gossip the people who are really close to them, just imagine what they are able to say about you behind your back.

They always seek attention

Fake people are so over-confident that they think that the sun rises and sets on them. You just can’t go without noticing them. They speak loudly and constantly brag about their accomplishments in life. When they desperately need attention, they behave as real sociopaths and will stop at nothing until they get the opportunity that they are searching for.

They are never the initiators of contact

Ever asked yourself why some people simply don’t want to make the first move? You feel as if you are always the one who initiates contact, regardless if it’s just a call to meet up for lunch or some casual hang out. If this is so, remember that they do this because you are not beneficial enough for them and they don’t want to keep a continuous relationship with you.

They criticize everything you do

Genuine and honest people will respect you, say some good words about you and will even try to learn from you. They will be supportive and always happy for your success no matter their situation. On the other hand, frenemies will always criticize your work, especially if they didn’t do their job as good as you. Jealousy is a type of hatred that appears as a result of insecurity. They feed their ego and soul by criticizing and making you feel miserable.

They smile all the time

Fake people tend to smile too much because in this way they hide their true personality and emotions. Most of the people get deceived by this behavior and that’s exactly how they become victims of the frenemies’ manipulation.