7 of the Most Common Synchronicities We Don’t Pay Attention To (But Should)

Synchronicities are simply considered to be meaningful coincidences: their timing is just too right and they solve so many different problems, so they cannot be naturally explained. Synchronicity is also believed to be the voice of the Universe. Everyone should listen and follow this guidance, if we want to grow as individuals and if we want to make our planet a better place. It also benefits our galaxy and our Universe as a whole.

Numbers That Constantly Repeat

This cannot go unnoticed because the same numbers constantly appear around us – we have the impression as they are chasing us all the time. The most important but difficult thing to do is to figure out what they mean. So you need to pay attention to all the things around you – these numbers can bring you a whole fortune, or it could be some warning message from your spirit guide.

Bumping Into Extremely Old Friends “Accidentally”

This has to happen at least once throughout your lifetime, but discover if there’s any reason for this unexpected meeting. The Universe sends all the people that we meet for a certain reason.

Meeting Someone New At The Right Time

In order to discover why this person appeared in your life right now you have to be honest with them and tell them what’s going on in your life. You should also find out what is happening in their own life, because as we mentioned above, all the people come in our lives for a particular reason.

Suddenly You Receive The Gift You’ve Wanted For Years

Even though it’s a little bit spooky, everyone loves it when this happens.

Ideal Timing In General

This often happens when you are following the right path in your life: things are going great and you enjoy every single day of your life.

Eureka! Moments

It is extremely hard and sometimes even impossible to find a solution for some problem immediately. But, if you start thinking for a solution right away, your mind will continue to look for solutions even if you are not thinking about it consciously. At the end this will lead to a Eureka! moment.

Magically Receiving A Call Or Text From Someone You Are Thinking About

Obviously, this will occur as often as you think of other people. But if the message or the call you receive is important than it could be a sign of synchronicity.

Telepathically Wishing That A Particular Song Plays On The Radio

This is just way too cool, but if it happens to you very often, try to be careful for all the other things you wish for in life! Next time the Universe may not be such in a good mood for giving everything that you wish for if she notices that you are abusing her gifts.