6 Ways To Raise The Vibration Of Your Home

Ever walked into your home and felt the energy is heavy, you don’t want to be there, even the thought of going home makes you anxious.

When your home has good vibrations, it affects everyone mentally and physically. There will be fewer arguments and misunderstandings. More smiling, laughing and loving. Happiness is the keyword when your home has good vibes. It can even activate your creative juice.

The following list will help you to restore the good energy in your home:

Burn incense or sage

Burning herbs or incense gets rid of unwanted energies. It is recommended to burn them after an argument or if you had anyone negative in your home environment so that it will clear out that negative energy.

The best way to clear it out with incense or a sage smudging stick is to walk through each and every room in your home waving it in a clockwise motion. You could also verbalize “this home has unconditional love and positive energies, all negative energies to leave this home.” Visualize all negative energy going out and filling your home with white light and positive energies.


Having crystals in your home definitely helps keep the good energies. You would have to cleanse your crystals to enhance their healing properties by placing them in the moonlight or sunlight ever so often. Try to cleanse your crystals on a full moon.

Essential Oils

It’s a great way to up the vibrations in your space with wonderful fresh smells. Essential oils have their own qualities and characteristics based on your mood. My personal favorite is frankincense as I find it calming and excellent stress relief.

You could even dab some essential oil around your bedside lamp or bed frame.


Plants are beneficial to your home. Certain plants purify the air that we breathe. They beautify our home and make it welcoming.


Get rid of your clutter! Go through all your rooms and organize them. Everything should have a designated place to be stored or placed. Get rid of things that are no longer of any value. If it haven’t used it for a year you probably won’t use it again. Give it to charity. The cycle of life is getting rid of old goods to allow new products and ideas to flow.

Fresh air
Air your home out daily. Exchange the old air for new. You will find that you won’t feel so tired by doing this. Your home should be aired out in the winter months as well.

By clearing out the clutter, it will help clear your mind! ~~