6 Signs You Were Emotionally Neglected As A Child

The scars from our childhood stay engraved deeply into our soul, and our actions and thoughts as adults are usually a reflection of the way others treated us as children. Although most of the people are not even aware of it, but many of us have been emotionally neglected when throughout our childhood. In this article you will read about some of the signs that indicate that you belong to this group.

Read the six signs below that indicate that you were emotionally neglected as a child:

Low Self-Confidence

Low self-confidence is one of the signs that you have probably been emotionally neglected as a child. Maybe your parents were too busy working and they didn’t pay attention to you or they simply didn’t show their love and affection. That’s the reason why you are an adult person with low self-confidence and self-worth.

You Are Feeling Numb

This is an emotional feeling, and if you think and feel that nothing is really important in life, you probably didn’t express your feelings properly just to avoid being hurt. That’s what made you feel emotionally numb.

Afraid of Rejection

If rejections seems like the scariest thing to you, it indicates that you’ve probably been rejected as a child, and this fear is still there deep down in your heart.

You Don’t Accept Any Help From Others

People whose parents neglected them as children, didn’t receive help when they actually needed. That’s why they never ask for help from others or they refuse it when someone offers it. These people have grown up to be independent as adults.


Adults who have been neglected as children do everything possible just to get the attentions of the people they really love, so they have become real perfectionists so that they would be fully appreciated.

Something Is Not Right

The neglected children usually turn into people who constantly feel that something is not right or that something is missing. It’s like a hole in their soul and the only way to fill it is by feeling joyful and loved.