5 Signs You Are Highly Intelligent, Even If You Don’t Realize It Yet

Our intelligence and consciousness depend on many factors.

And very often smart people prefer to keep quiet about their knowledge and live an ordinary life without drawing attention to themselves. Luckily, there are a few signs that give away these covert smart people even though they may appear pretty “normal” at first sight.

You don’t consider yourself exceptionally smart

The Dunning-Kruger effect causes people with lower competence level to greatly overestimate their abilities, while an intelligent individual rationally assesses his or her abilities and is able to calmly analyze the situation. True intellect isn’t put on display for everyone to see – it’s used in case of necessity, not to brag about it.

You procrastinate

Yes, it turns out that constantly postponing important matters is another sign of a great mind. A psychologist at Wharton Business School, Adam Grant, considers particularly this character trait to have helped Steve Jobs focus on more important goals and became the key to innovation and development.

You are really funny

Smart people tend to have a great sense of humour. During a study carried out by the University of New Mexico, it was discovered that people writing funny scripts for cartoons possess a high level of intelligence.

You’re a night owl

It appears that people who are most active in the evening and night hours have a significantly higher IQ level than the “early birds.” It might be because it’s easier to relax and think through ideas at this time rather than during the daytime fuss.

You enjoy being by yourself

Quiet and calm introverts are considered to be one of the smartest. But that’s not always this way. At the same time, many intellectuals prefer spending most of their spare time alone, as it’s a lot harder to reflect on anything when there’s loud company around you. Smart people feel complete; they don’t need communication to fill in space. They enjoy talking, but don’t strive to constantly have people around.

Remember that your brain needs charging, and it can always be developed and improved. Have you found a sign that fits you on the list?