5 Reasons Why Strong People Never Seek Revenge And Let Karma Take Over Instead

Majority of the people get hurt at some point in their life. Some are betrayed, others got their heart broken. No matter whether it’s a friend or lover who wronged them, most of the people will seek revenge against all those people.

However, instead of seeking revenge, it’s better to let karma do her job. Karma is a powerful force that comes from the Universe, and strong people always let karma do their dirty work. Because they know that sooner or later people will get what they deserve. But why would such strong people choose to do nothing?


Revenge won’t make them feel better

At the beginning it might feel good, but revenge in general doesn’t feel good. Researchers and theorists claim that it might make you feel better for a brief moment but it never erases what has happened between you and the other person. And the revenge will probably make the strong person feel sympathy or empathy for the person he/she got revenge against. That’s only going to worsen their already bad situation. So, all in all, revenge isn’t worth it. You should let karma do her job instead.
As Mahatma Gandhi once said “An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind.” And it’s true, isn’t it?

It will get you in trouble

If your friend did something behind your back and hurt you, the first thing that comes to your mind is giving him/her a taste of their own medicine. No doubt that it’ll feel good but… before you do that stop for a moment and think of the consequences after the revenge is done.

Why would you get your hands dirty when you have Karma on your side? Karma will give what they deserve. Your job is to relax and see it coming.

You can’t seek revenge for everyone

If all the people seek revenge against each and every person that had ever wronged them, revenge will be all they have ever done in their life.
When someone hurts you, revenge is the force that moves you and makes you get even with that person. It’s normal to feel angry, but revenge brings the worst out of us. It also puts us on the same level with all those mean people we claim to despise.

Sensitive people strategies

Strong people know when it’s time to leave, even if it makes them feel sad. But they also know that sooner or later karma will come back around to all the people who hurt them. Moving forward with your life, continue doing what makes you happy and eventually healing your wounds is always better than seeking revenge against other people. After all, karma is not limited with time; her job is to go down the list of people who hurt you – one by one.

Karma comes back around

It’s also better for you to let karma do her work because if you seek revenge against someone who has hurt you, karma can come for you too. Strong people are widely aware of this. They know that the other person deserves their revenge but they don’t want to send that negative energy to the Universe. They know that the energy you send to the Universe comes back later and they don’t want to mess with the karma’s bad side. The best thing you can do is hold your head up and leave. And don’t forget that “what goes around comes around.”

Success is the best karma

Nothing can throw somebody off the balance like seeing your success, especially if they did everything possible to stop you from that. Every strong person knows that the worst thing for all the envious people is achieving your life goals and moving on with your life. Smiling, being happy and satisfied with your life is the worst karma all the mean people can ever get. Karma can also be good. If you fill yourself with a positive energy, karma will help you succeed in everything you put your effort and time while the envious people will remain stuck in the same place.

To conclude

Some people don’t believe in karma, and that’s totally fine. Even if you think that karma won’t come to people who harmed you, it’s still better for you to keep your head up high and concentrate on your life goals and dreams than trying to seek for revenge. You can never take control over other person’s actions, but you can always control your own actions. The best revenge is succeeding in front of the people who wanted you to fail!