4 Ways to Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is one of the most common reasons for unhappiness. Overthinking can create problems that didn’t even exist previously or may not have appeared in the first place. Most of the situations or problems that happen in our mind are triggered by fear or worry. Even though most of the people think that overthinking will help them solve a certain problem or protect them in some ways, this is not true. Overthinking never helps.

The moment we start overthinking, it’s very difficult to stop.


Concentrate on the positive things that are happening now.

In this modern world negative thinking and overthinking usually prevails. If you just simply shift your focus to what really makes you happy or what you are grateful for – you can change the way your mind thinks and bring back some positive thoughts. Don’t forget that building a home requires only one brick at a time…

As a consequence you will begin to feel calm and stop overthinking, because you don’t emphasize so much the negativity you see within yourself and everywhere around you.

Don’t forget that the type of your energy depends on the way you are thinking – so create awareness behind your thoughts and stop overthinking!


Listen to the thoughts in your brain right now… what kind of thoughts do you hear?
You will probably notice that most of your overthinking is concentrated on what you have to do today, or about the anger you feel towards someone who said something wrong to you, or even thoughts that degrade you.
This is not your fault though, with so much negativity around us, it’s really difficult to maintain a consistent positive mindset. But, you can always fight against the negative, stress-producing thoughts with some simple and peaceful words.

Each and every time you feel that the stress is coming on, start repeating the following calming words: Calm, Tranquil, Peaceful, Relaxing, Serenity, Love, Light, Beach, Breeze. The last two words in the sequence illustrate landscape and you can also do it if it makes you feel peaceful. Words are meaningful and powerful, so use them to make yourself feel well whenever you feel stressed out.


Forget about all the tasks that are waiting for you tomorrow after work, or the bills that have to be paid this week, or the problems that you may encounter in the future. When you allow thoughts like these to govern you, it can lead to serious problems such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress and so many other problems. Anxiety is usually caused by living in some other time rather than the one we have right now. So, live in the present and don’t let your thoughts take you elsewhere.


If you want to quiet your busy mind, nature is the perfect way to do that. You can choose whether you want to do this during the weekend or during your lunch break in the closest park. If you feel stressed out, you should plan a vacation somewhere in nature and away from the noisy city.

Do anything that you possibly can to strengthen your bond with nature. You will see all the benefits from it, not only to your mind but to your whole body as well. We’ve come from a place of pure harmony, and most of the things we perceive around us are just a persistent illusion. Don’t forget that nature never struggles through life, so you don’t have to struggle either. Don’t let all the unimportant things that come from the material world govern your thoughts, because peace cannot be found in possessions or numbers.

Truth be told, you already have peace in your heart and nature will help you remember this by providing shelter from all the harmful effects of the modern society.

Even if there is no Wi-Fi in the forest, I can guarantee that you will find a way better connection within yourself.

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