3 Reasons Why You Manifest the Same Problem Again and Again

You probably know how it feels like when you are dealing with the same problem over and over again. Since our life is governed by the Law of Attraction, our reality is created by our own feelings and thoughts, this includes our problems too! Sometimes we are concentrated on the negative aspects of life and in that way we constantly attract the same problems.

So, where this negativity comes from? In this article you will read about 3 usual habits that lead to problems that repeat themselves all the time. If you have been in a situation where the same problems repeated over and over again, check out to see if there is something to do with the following behaviors:

Constantly complaining or talking about the problem

This is one of the main reasons why we constantly attract all those problems. We have a tendency to talk a lot and mention the same problems with all the people we have a chance to talk.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to stop complaining. At the beginning, not saying what you actually think can be a little uncomfortable, but after some time you will get used to limiting the negative talk.

Getting obsessed over a problem

The truth is, when we worry about certain problem we create more space for that problem, and we go farther and farther away from the solution. Even though most of the people know that the negative thinking is unhealthy, but still they are unable to change their thoughts.

Don’t forget that there are two types of thoughts: intentional and unintentional. So, you shouldn’t be worried if you get some unintentional negative thoughts from time to time. It’s unhealthy to constantly have negative thoughts, and just a few of them won’t ruin your life.

So the next time you notice that you are obsessing about a certain problem, just find some deliberate distraction – do something relaxing or something that can bring a little joy in your life. We suggest watching some comedy movie, going out with friends or having some hobby that can make you happy.

After a while this will turn into a normal behavior, and your brain will instantly think of the deliberate distraction the moment your thoughts become too negative. Once you achieve this level of thinking, you will open the door to many positive changes in your life.

Actions Made Out Of Fear

Our actions can affect the life events that we are about to experience. In other words, actions dictate the way we experience life. What we need to do is eliminate all the thoughts that cause us fear of something, because if we don’t eliminate it, we will probably experience exactly what we are afraid of. For instance, if we are afraid of getting sick, we will wash our hands, do everything to improve our immune system, avoid sick people etc.

However, since we are concentrated on these negative, fearful thoughts, ironically, we will soon become sick. Instead of preventing the illness, these thoughts are more likely to increase the chances of illness. This is because the Universe hears the thoughts about illness, and she gives you illness.

In order to avoid this from happening, you should vibrate positive thoughts. We are not saying that you should stop washing your hands or improve your immune system. No. But you should stop doing these actions out of fear. If you feel that you are obsessed with these actions, than they will certainly bring something unwanted.

To sum up, in order to prevent a certain problem from happening over and over again, you should avoid talking about it, make a deliberate distraction from the negative thoughts and stop acting out of fear. This takes time, but it’s worth the effort and the result is a positive vibration that attracts only positive things in your life!

Don’t forget that this cannot be achieved overnight, it takes time. So don’t be so hard on yourself if you just can’t stop talking about some of your persistent problems, and if you still experience negative thoughts and actions. We are not looking for perfection; we simply want to slow down the negative momentum. So every time you manage to reduce the negative thoughts and actions pat yourself on the back, and every time you fail – just give yourself another chance.