25 Signs Your Partner Needs to Grow Up

Some people get attracted by immaturity – they find it charming. They possess excellent sense of humor, thrilling worldview, and always live in the moment. Unfortunately, these people are not able to form healthy relationships. An immature adult cannot care for others. In fact, they don’t even know how to care for themselves either.

Do You Have The Feeling As If You Are More Like A Parent Than A Partner?

Here Are 24 Things That Can Tell:

  1. They want to have what others have – even if they are not keen on working for it.
  2. They do not have any long-term goals and do not have any idea how to reach them.
  3. They require all of your attention and do not allow you to have friends, hobbies or to spend time on your own.
  4. They don’t know how to keep promises.
  5. When it comes to work they unwillingly do the bare minimum. You always feel like their parent.
  6. They always try to avoid serious discussions by using their excellent sense of humor. Humor is important too, but a healthy relationship needs some serious moments too.
  7. They never take responsibility for their actions and always think that others are to blame for all their troubles in life.
  8. They refuse to admit that there is some problem. They will probably ignore it all the time and if you mention it they will pretend they don’t know anything about it.
  9. Your partner is always in chaos and you have the feeling as if you are there only to fix up their mistakes.
  10. They don’t show love and affection in front of their friends.
  11. They just have to own the newest version of everything – from phones to computers, although they can’t afford it.
  12. They never stick to the plans you’ve made together.
  13. They don’t spare your feelings in public and usually hurt you with their clever jokes on your account.
  14. They hardly ever apologize when they do something wrong. They love to shift the blame back to you.
  15. They tend to make use of charitable organizations and people. They usually ask for something they don’t truly need.
  16. They tend to change jobs very often because they don’t know how to control their emotions and always have conflicts with their bosses or work colleagues.
  17. They don’t hide their impoliteness in front of the people you love. They refuse to hide their negative feelings eve for the sake of your peace.
  18. They think that their comfort is more important that their loved one’s wellbeing.
  19. They are not able to manage their own time. They are so incapable of planning that they are always late important deadlines, they even miss some important appointments because of this.
  20. They complain about everything all the time. Every responsibility is like solving some quantum physics problem.
  21. Conflicts often turn into hysterical yelling, insults and name-calling.
  22. They love when they point out on your mistakes. They expect from you to be perfect but that’s not what they expect from themselves.
  23. They don’t possess any financial responsibility at all. They don’t have control over their spending, that’s why they are often deeply in debt.
  24. They are never aware of the good things in life because they are always concentrated on the negativity. That’s why all they do is constantly complaining about soething.