20 Facts About People Who Are Too Anxious, But Also Too Kind

The most beautiful people in the world are the people who have been defeated, who have been suffering, struggling, who have lost and have managed to find their way out. These people appreciate and understand life that makes them compassionate, gentle and able to love deeply and unconditionally. Beautiful people are not just born beautiful.

Hard Times Fill Us With Empathy And Kindness – But It Can Also Fill Us With Awful Anxiety.

These Are 20 Important Things You Should Know If You Love Someone Like This:

  1. They Don’t Find It Difficult To Apologize And Admit Their Fault
    What is difficult for them is admitting that someone has hurt them.
  2. They Are Extremely Intuitive
    It’s almost impossible to hide something from these people.
  3. They Are Both Lovers And Fighters
    Their vulnerability might full you into thinking that they are not protective of the people care for.
  4. They Want To Give More Than They Receive
    This characteristic of theirs often make them even try to pour from an empty cup.
  5. The Way They Want To Treat You Does Not Depend On The Way You Treat Them.
    The behavior of your partner reflects on their own good heart – not on yours.
  6. They Worry All The Time
    They are aware that their fears are not reasonable, but still logic won’t help them. The best thing you can do is to provide your love and support.
  7. They Forgive And Forget Easily And Very Often
    Don’t try to use them because of this characteristic.
  8. Your Partner Will Never Even Try To Play Power Games
    The least they want is your power.
  9. They Are Afraid Of Abandonment, That’s Why They Are Clingy
    Treat them with kindness and it will slowly disappear just as the trust in you grows.
  10. They Feel All The Emotions Strongly And Deeply
    Even if they don’t come from themselves – they can still feel them as if they are their own.
  11. Often You Can Notice That They Apologize Too Much
    But, don’t ever doubt that this is not sincere. They even tend to be harder on themselves than they are with you. They constantly blame themselves and struggle with empathy.
  12. You Will Probably Spend A Considerable Time Talking And Convincing Your Partner That Some Things Are Unlikely To Ever Happen
    They are aware that what they think is totally irrational, but they are grateful for your patience.
  13. Your Partner Would Do Anything Possible To Make Sure That He Won’t Hurt You – Or Anyone Else
    Often they can even forget to take care over themselves.
  14. They Come Up With Their Own Rules And Set Their Own Boundaries
    The ‘three day rule’ doesn’t mean anything to them, and they will call you right away.
  15. They May Be Preparing For Tragedies That Are Unlikely To Happen
    Understand that this is because once they weren’t prepared when something really bad happened to them, so they would do anything to avoid the same thing happening again.
  16. The Paranoia of Your Partner Is Their Defense Mechanism
    They use it to defend themselves. As they start trusting you more and more, this will slowly start to disappear. But, it can never completely disappear.
  17. They Would Never Use A Guilt Trip In Order To Gain The Upper Hand
    If they argue with you about something, it means that you’ve really upset them about something.
  18. They Will Analyze Everything From A to Z Through And Trough
    If you understand and support them, this impulse will make them feel safe and secure, but if you try to fight this impulse it will only lead to more suspicion. Maybe this is not fair, but true love does not recognize equality.
  19. They Are Frightened Of Being Hurt Again
    However, they will never let this harden their good heart.
  20. Their Love For You Is Eternal And Unconditional
    If someone asks us who are the people that mean the whole world to us, the true answer would probably be someone who shares our pain, understands us and heals our wounds with their warm and tender hug. We don’t want to be given solutions and advices. Instead, we need a friend who can be quiet with us when we are depressed and confused, who can be with us for hours – sharing our grief and sadness, who can tolerate our irrationality, without talking, without healing, only they and their tender touch understanding our hopelessness. That is a friend who truly cares!

Did You Find Some Characteristics Of Your Partner On This List? If The Answer Is Yes, Then Hold On To Them. You May Be Doubtful Of This Person’s Wisdom, Their Decisions Or Even Their Sanity – But You Can Always Be Sure That They Love You And They Care For You Like No One Else In This World. That’s What Makes Them Unique In Our Society.