15 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Strong Girl Who Is Used To Being Alone

  1. She’s strong
    This might even scare you a little bit.
  2. Because she used to be weak in the past
    If there is one thing that she learned from the past, it’s that she will fight until her last breath and that she won’t allow someone to hurt her or knock her down ever again.
  3. She does not depend on you
    She seems like she doesn’t need anyone in her life and she might be trying to push you away. That’s because her life has taught her that the only person she can trust is herself.
  4. But she wants you
    If a strong girl likes you, you are probably very special. She won’t choose anyone who is not able to give her everything that she deserves.
  5. She really tries hard to trust you
    These girls have become so strong because of the bad things that kept happening to them in the past. She really wants to believe that you have the best of your intentions.
  6. But she trusts herself more
    You have to allow her to meet your true self so that she can start trusting you.
  7. She’ll hate herself for showing her weak side
    She masters the way of hiding her moments of weakness. But after a certain period of time you will notice that she is falling a bit. When you see her crying, remember that you have that responsibility to be her strength and to hold her tight.
  8. But you will fall for her even more
    She thinks that she is the weakest person in the world in those moments and she will apologize for it. But you will know that she is the strongest person you know and you will fall in love with her.
  9. She’s driven
    She has always been devoted to her career and life goals and she often considers these things to be more important than relationships.
  10. And will inspire you
    She will inspire you and motivate you to do more and to become the best version of yourself. You will turn into the best man you can be only because you are standing next to her.
  11. She is self-confident
    When she has something on her mind, she will stop at nothing until she accomplishes it.
  12. And she believes in you too
    Even when she is the only one who supports you, if you tell her about some of your dreams, she’ll do anything to help you achieve them. The importance of this trait will be shown later in your life when you will have to take some serious risks. She will be your biggest support and will always remain loyal to you.
  13. She’s not looking at you to have it all together
    If you are trying to figure out what you want from your life, it’s okay. It’s very likely that she is trying to figure it out too.
  14. She really wants to be part of your struggle
    The strong girls know very well all those stories that start with failing and end up with success.
  15. So both of you end up being on the top
    Having a successful relationship/marriage and loving the person next to her is the main life goal for her.