15 Things Narcissists Don’t Do

Have you ever met a person who is a narcissist? From a philosophical point of view, there are a few traits that describe a narcissistic person. They are exceedingly egotistic, self-centered, fantasize about limitless success and brilliance, want special treatment, love to exploit others, don’t possess empathy, they’re full of envy, want people to envy them and are extremely arrogant.

While it is very easy for these characteristics to be noticed in a person, don’t forget that narcissists can be tricky people. They know how to manipulate people and can easily make you feel they are totally different than they seem. You really don’t want to fall for the narcissist’s manipulations. It would be useful to be wary who to stay away from. So now, since you know what narcissist often do, here are some things that narcissist never do.

They never reveal who they really are

Narcissists tend to be manipulative, so it’s normal not to show who they actually are when you meet them for the first time. They will make you believe that they are someone totally different, usually someone lovely and kind. You won’t discover their real personality until it’s too late.

They don’t provide security in any relationship

Narcissists have the tendency to keep people on their toes. The last thing that comes to their mind is to provide safety and security in the relationship. They love to be above others in every way; your insecurity feeds their soul and makes them feel secure.

They will never allow being bad in anyone else’s eyes

In their mind they are always the good guys and they can easily make convince of that. It doesn’t matter what’s going on, you will be the one guilty of everything and they will convince you that you are an awful person without a blink of an eye. The only thing they want is to feel bad about yourself.

They hate to lose control

Narcissists tend to be control freaks and when they lose control over something, it makes them feel really angry and upset. They have to control the people they are surrounded with; it’s in their nature to do so. They feel happy when they know that you will do whatever they want you to do.

They won’t let anyone prove them wrong

A narcissist will keep on convincing you that black is white until you start to believe it. This is one of their most common traps that people fall in. If you start to argue with them you are just wasting your time and energy. Their incredible ability to manipulate others will rather make you doubt in yourself and believe in every single word that comes from their mouth.

They don’t see other people as equals

Narcissist believe that the world turns all around them, they think that they are above everyone. If you try to compare yourself with them as equals, they will do whatever they can to bring you down so they can be on the top again.

They feel no sympathy

Have you ever seen a person who laughs all the time while all the rest cry during a sad movie? So that’s them! They don’t care about anything that happens to others, neither that your mother has divorced nor that your grandparent died. They are not interested in your feelings and your sad stories are so unimportant to them. They are not concerned about that.

They refuse doing something if they don’t have a benefit from that

If they buy you a dinner, be sure that it’s not out of kindness, be prepared to make millions of favors afterwards. A narcissist will never do anything for anyone if they don’t benefit from it. Giving a narcissist what they ask from you is the last thing you should do.

They never take orders from others

Never even try to make them do something. Their egotistical nature won’t allow them to take orders. If you take over control they see it as if you shoot directly in the center of their self-esteem. If you try to take control over a narcissist expect a hell of revenges afterwards.

They don’t like to express their feelings

Everyone has feelings, even narcissists do. They are able to feel different emotions without any doubt, but they usually say that they don’t have feelings at all. This often serves them as an excuse for all those awful things they do to other people.

They never listen

They never listen to any of your word, they just wait for you to say whatever you have to say so that they can start talking. What you have to say is totally unimportant to them, all they care about is your willingness to listen to them talking on an on without any pause.

They are not always here for you

If they begin to feel bored in any relationship, they will immediately pack their bags and leave. They are the greatest attention seekers, and if you don’t have to offer what they ask from you, don’t expect that they will stay next to you for a long period of time.

They don’t choose unattractive friends

As we’ve already said, narcissists are not willing to do anything that doesn’t benefit them. One example of this is choosing friends. They are always surrounded by beautiful and upper-class people that make them look more superior and powerful. You can almost never find a narcissist surrounded with unattractive or unimportant people.

Compliments is something they never give

They want to receive compliments instead. They don’t feel responsible for making other people feel good. If you ever get a compliment from a narcissist, consider yourself lucky or prepare to give them something in return.

They hate to be polite

Their sense of superiority doesn’t allow them to be polite. No matter what they do, never even try to be rude or disrespectful with a narcissist. Because it is more than sure that they won’t turn the other cheek.