15 Habits of People With Hidden Depression

Depression is considered to be one of the most serious mental illnesses and often people aren’t even aware that they suffer from it. People who face up with concealed depression fight against their own mind all by themselves. They often hide this problem and their feelings from others and try to solve everything alone.

The following habits are detected among the people who are dealing with concealed depression:

They are usually pretty talented and communicative

This is usually common among celebrities who suffer from it. They have increased outburst of emotions. This appears to be the basis of their greatness. They have the feeling that the best way to escape the darkness is to present something amazing or unusual to the world.

They are often looking for a purpose

This is the most important objective in their life. People who suffer from hidden depression often look for the brilliance of life – the real meaning of their existence. They often feel as if they are not good enough and they always try to find something better than they already have.

Sometimes they silently cry for help

Every single person needs help at some point in their life. Sometimes we don’t expect that some people would ever need help, and that’s why we can’t even notice their longing for help. If you think that you can help someone, do it without any hesitation.

They see the substances in a different way

People who suffer from depression understand their situation but are also convinced that they can find a way to ease their pain. Caffeine, sugar and pills are substances that can make them feel better but only for a certain period of time. They are in a difficult situation because they have to fight against their own thoughts and give their best to remain calm and rational.

They usually have very complex view upon life and death

They understand that they are mortal creatures and are very excited to discover the deepest meaning of their life. They make up different situations in their mind and then fall in despair because of that. Some of them even think of suicide.

They possess weird eating habits

Sometimes they wolf food down and other times they eat like a bird. Most of them eat more when they feel bad, but it depends on the person.

They possess irregular sleeping habits

They can sleep for days if left alone. Often they do this because they feel that it is the only way to heal their soul and they believe that sleeping pauses for a while their feeling of hopelessness.

They often have trust issues

Most of us have experienced this. When someone abandons you it can be extremely upsetting and usually worsens the already bad situation and increases the level of depression. These issues make the depressed person to become even more closed than he was before, because now they suffer from trust issues.

They think of ‘cover-up’ stories

These people often have excuses for all the personality and behavior changes they experience. They are often late, miss meetings, forget promises, but they always have ‘a good reason’ why they do all those things.

They might have remedies that turned into habits

They usually have some hobbies like running, drawing, walking etc. If they make some changes in their routines, they might ease their pain.

They always do their best to look happy

They’ve clearly learned how to fake moods. They seem normal and even happy on the outside but they are full of all the possible negative emotions on the inside. These negative emotions explode every time they are alone.

They are trying to find love and acceptance

They don’t want to hide their feelings, but they do that because they are afraid to lose all the love and admiration they receive from others. Acceptance is the only thing they are looking for.

They are not able to shut off their thoughts

They question, examine and analyze everything, good or bad, so they can give an explanation to themselves about the whole situation. It’s like their brains are programmed to analyze everything that occurs around them and whether it has a direct influence on them.

They feel what other people feel (usually negative emotions)

If they meet a person who is going through a tough time, their worst mood will immediately come to the surface. This instantly activates the pain they are experiencing.

They always expect the worst things to happen

Although this sounds really bad, it can sometimes lead to positive results. This proves the fact that they are highly intelligent people and that they can react in any given situation. They are often excellent problem-solvers.

If you noticed that some of these habits describe you or a person that you know, make sure you talk to someone you can rely on or offer help.