13 Keys To Open Up Your Sixth Sense

“We tend to experience the higher levels of our intuition when dozens of conscious insights, subconscious memories and senses converge to bring forward a conclusive insight that would normally be beyond the scope of conscious calculation or cognitive explanation.” – liveboldandbloom

When understanding your 6th sense, always keep in mind that there is nothing to fear, everyone has it, it’s scientific, and whether you know it or not you’ve already had contact.  Our sixth sense or intuitive abilities are as powerful and beneficial as any of our other senses if not more. They are definitely more exciting! So it pays to develop your sixth sense. Developing your sixth sense is about recognizing and developing our intuition. In doing so it adds a whole new dimension to our lives empowers us with confidence.

We all receive intuitive information each and every day, so naturally we are all intuitive. We receive messages in four different ways. They are claircogniance , clairvoyance , clairaudience, and clairsentience.

Here are the 13 Keys to Open up Your Sixth Sense

Initially you will need to develop:

The Physical Senses:

Your sense of vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste through the modern world may be out of tune. To get back in tune with your senses, immerse your self in nature. Simply by being in nature you can make your senses come alive!

Social Conditioning:

Throughout your life you have developed a belief system. This system helps you filter and make sense of the world. This world is all about communication and it includes both the seen and unseen mediums, but your beliefs are the very thing that keep you from communication. You will need to learn to suspend disbelief and judgment if you are ever to expand your awareness. You will need to learn to listen attentively, intelligently, and openly if you are to derive wisdom from an experience.


You need to not be governed and consumed by your emotions. You need to be able to distinguish a real feeling. If you feel it in your heart it will transform you because you will take action (karma). If you become consumed by your feelings but only remains a feeling with no action, then you will know it is pseudo. Never go against your heart.


You will need to learn to watch and observe your inner mechanisms. Let your mind play its role of logic and reason and let your heart function for its purpose of feeling. Be conscious of both. You will need to learn to let everything function in its own natural way or else your judgment will get clouded. You will need to learn to trust your feelings and trust yourself.


Pay attention.

Slow down, time seems to be speeding up and so is the fast pace of the current system. Make time for yourself, and stop and feel before you decide. If you don’t won’t be able to focus on your intuition and the subtle messages sent to you by others. Cramming your life with so much input can make you overwhelmed and you will be too busy to stop and acknowledge what your intuition is telling you. Don’t let this psychic gift remain untouched!

Feel the Vibes.

Have you ever met someone and felt immediately uncomfortable? Have you sensed that someone was staring at you? Have you had a sense of danger before anything bad has happened? Don’t ignore these signals. Take appropriate action, especially if you sense danger. You are receiving messages from your subconscious or being alerted by some very subtle physical changes or sensations.

Go within

If you are seeking a solution to a problem, trying to make a decision, or if you need a creative idea, go to a quiet place where you cannot be interrupted. Breathe deeply for several minutes and calm your thoughts. Then ask a question of your subconscious mind. Sit quietly and wait for 10 or 15 minutes. If you don’t get an answer immediately, keep asking the question — before you go to bed, when you wake up, while you are in the car. The power and patterns of all of your senses, insights and memories will converge to provide guidance for you.

Keep a Dream Journal:

For most people, their intuition is either suppressed, denied, ignored or simply not tapped into, but when you dream, everything seems to open up. Unfortunately most dreams are disregarded or not remembered by the time your day is done. Your dreams are powerful subconscious dramas playing out while you sleep. They offer insight into your daily problems and life events through archetypal imagery and symbols.  Writing is a very powerful way to tap into your subconscious and to strengthen your intuition. Keep a journal in which you write down thoughts that come to you without your specific focus or intention.