11 Daily Struggles Of Someone Who Is Both Strong and Sensitive

All The People Who Are Both Sensitive And Strong Suffer From A Complex Combination Of Emotions That Most People Are Not Able To Understand.

But nobody can blame them. They don’t know how it feels to be you. They cannot understand that you’ve become strong after all of the hardships you’ve undergone, and still you’ve remained sensitive because you didn’t want to build walls like so many people did. Of course, you have set up some boundaries, but not as other people have. You’ve kept your emotions for those around you. This combination confuses others.

Here Are 11 Ways How People Who Are Both Strong And Sensitive Struggle Daily:

This Is What Makes Us Struggle Every day.

Some people really don’t understand your behavior. How is it possible for the person who was hard-as-nails throughout the whole lunch meeting, to lie awake throughout the whole night wondering about all the things that were said to him/her earlier in the day?

We Think Over The Things That Worry Us.

We constantly stress and worry not to do something that would make others upset. It can be over some plan that we are supposed to make, or over one that has already been made, we are aware that others are affected by our choices… and we can’t help but think about that.

We Protect Our Friends And Family.

Anyway, we don’t respect ourselves as much as we respect our friends and family. We love our friends and family so much that we cannot tolerate other people harming them. But, when it comes to ourselves, we usually let others use us, abuse us and walk over us.

Others Hardly Ever Notice When We Are Upset.

It’s not that we want to be seen as tough people but that’s simply the way other people perceive us. That’s the reason why they hardly ever know when we are upset. Of course, the car has broken down, the kids are ill, we are late with the mortgage payment for 3 months, and the in-laws are coming for a visit, but we act as if everything is going just as we planned.

We Stay Away From Emotional Confrontations With Other People.

People who are both strong and sensitive seem so emotionally stable during challenging situations. The truth is we are only laughing on the outside.

There Is A Time When Strong People Are Fed Up With Everything.

Strong people are always there for their friends and family, but there is a time when all the words are said and all the jokes are made. We can give so many advices for others but we never use those advices for us. There are situations that we cannot handle and our friends are usually there to help us.

We Imagine How We Yell Angrily To People Who Hurt Us.

But it’s just an imagination, because 95% of the time we tend to avoid dramatic confrontations. Strong and sensitive people don’t want to be involved in dramatic situations – even if they do imagine them in their heads.

We Bark But We don’t Bite.

We may threaten to do this or that, but actually, we just want to tell you how we feel. Of course, sometimes we can let our emotions control us, but this can happen only in front of the people we really trust.

We Are Irritated By Most People.

But if we notice that someone doesn’t like us, our world becomes a little shaky. Some people see the strong and sensitive people as being a little harsh sometimes, but deep down in themselves they are really good people.

We Can Be More Than Complicated

People cannot easily understand us. Even if we are in a relationship with ourselves, it can be really problematical. But if we forget all of that, we have huge hearts full of love and we are always there for you when you need us the most.

We Only Have A Few Close Friends Who Know Us Really Well

It’s not that we want to hide the real us from other people or that we are wearing masks. But some difficult situations from the past have taught us that not everyone is worth our energy and time. If we decide to let you in, give our time and trust and show you our sensitive soul that lies deep down under this tough exterior, then you can consider yourself to be a lucky person.